Logo Design

Consider having a logo is a great approach to succeed in your business. Re-brand your existing logo, Wadi Graphic can come up with a unique logo ideas that will boost your business and put you on the top of the game.

The logo styles, (image + text.)

The top 3 things that communicate through this logo are:
+  Casual yet professional
+   Simplistic

Client Details

Client: Cadigan Law Office

Category: Logo Design

Date: April  2016

This is a versatile and stylish logo which includes image and text. Best case scenario is a design where the icon and the lettering are bold enough to stand alone, but work well in

Quality, Trust, Professionalism. This is a clean and modern eye-catching design.

Unique Features

logos are made to identify, Through the use of images, icons, marks or symbols, logos identify companies or products in the most basic way. in the split second when a user views a logo, he or she can connect it with the brand it represents.
In this design you can see the symbol of the legal profession in the form of Greece columns


The logo can go on many different media. T-shirts, banners, cans, bottles, even glassware. This design presents itself well in full color and has the ability to be presented in a single color flat image as well.

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