Packaging Design for Dr. Slim

What made you pick that product off the shelf? Packaging design, the fans box, made the color and other images that make the design stands out.
 Packaging design makes brands tangible to consumers. Wadi Graphic can help you design packaging for your product.

Adjectives should best describe this packaging design:
Clean, simple, bold
Sustainable, consumer friendly, catching the eye of the consumer

Client Details

Client: Dr  Slim

Category: Packaging Design

Date: March  2016

A consumer will make their judgment on a product in an instant, and a high-quality product will never get a proper chance without quality packaging.
It is critical to show your product off, grab attention and convey the message you are selling the consumer.

Unique Features

  Detailed supplement facts about the product.
  Bar code
+   Formats AI, ESP, JPEG
  Final files delivered by email in zip file contained all the files.


+   Brand name, images and clear description of the product are easily identified.
  Clean, simple
+   This design presents itself well in full color.

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